Through a field research by these pilot devices the MECAT took knowledge of a large application field of this way to operate with this technology, the “Turbofiltration” processing liquid products. Nine years after, on 1992, the MECAT had the own work approved for the most important groups making orange juice. These group substituted equipment devices with conventional technology for MECAT equipment devices, turbofilter, with innovative technology. On the 2003, after a specific research, the MECAT introduced, with sucess, the turbofiltering technology for the production of sugar and ethanol processing sugar cane. On the year 1998 the MECAT had a chapter in the book intitled “Handbook of Citrus by – Products and Processing Technology” writed for the Dr. Robert J. Braddock of the University of Florida and edited for the Wiley – Interscience Scientific, Technical and Medical Division. On the year 2006 the MECAT had chapter in a book intitled “Fourty Histories of Sucess of Companies that Invested in the Inovations” during the last forty years – edited for The Ministery of Sciences and Technology of Brazil.


TURBOFILTRO PONEY TEST Florida Department of Citrus Lake Alfred DEC 20, 2000