Attílio Turchetti

Attilio Turchetti, is diplomed for the institute of industrial technology “GUGLIELMO MARCONI”, Forli, Italy. He went out from Ravenna, his city, and from the family industry, for the pouporse to introduce and develop, in Brasil, a innovative technology based in the insoluble microsolids separation in a liquid, by continuous process, in a first time, applied for the pre treatment of industrial effluents. On the 1983 he founded the MECAT Turbofiltration Corporation in Goiânia, GO, Brasil. On the 1995 he founded the MECAT SERVICE in Bebedouro, SP, Brasil. On the 1998 he founded the MECAT USA in Orlando, FL, U.S.A. On the day 02, december, 2004 he received the Federal FINEP Award of Technology Innovation. On the 2007 he received, out concurse, the FINEP Award of “INNOVATIVE AND INVENTOR”. On the november 2008 he received a title of CITIZEN OF GOIÁS STATE – ADI Honoris. Attilio Turchetti is a membership of the Board of Directors for the “Sugar Processing Research Institute Corporation” (SPRI) – New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.